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About Us

We are proud to say that we are a product of Khadi India.

Bee Ville is a Brand serving Healthiness in a form of Nature’s Gift i.e. HONEY and its Bi-Products.

Bee Ville is a product of KHADI INDIA one of the Largest Authentic Goods serving platform of INDIA,
BEE VILLE is a product of KHADI INDIA.

Bee Ville’s Story lies at the core of India’s fitness culture. We as a team drive to change the world for better.

We realise that the biggest obstacle faced by our society is the lack of good health. 

Our Vision

Our vision was born from the observation, that the most dangerous factor in one’s life is lack of good health and the main thing which is harming is “ SUGAR". So we as a team came together and decided to incurb the sugar from day to day life. Thus, “Bee Ville” introduced the farm fresh natural 100% pure honey. So that the people can enjoy the goodness of sweet without harming themselves. 


Bee Ville not only strives to change the life of the people, but also the mentality by giving them a guilt free healthy lifestyle.   We have our own hives (BEE HOUSES), Our vision is to provide best farm fresh natural honey that is 100 percent UNPASTEURISED and UNTOUCHED for every single person at their door steps. We took this initiative to replace the killer sugar from our day to day life as SUGAR is the most harmful product used by us.

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Mission 1.

Improving Health

We provide farm fresh natural 100% pure honey and Bi-products which helps our customer to enjoy better mental and physical health with different variety of honey and several Bi-products.

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Mission 2.

Saving EcoSystem

The honey bees are our utmost priority. Through our skill based and knowledgeable experience, we provide bees the natural and stress free ecosystem to grow and flourish. 

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Mission 3.

Helping Beekeepers

We provide the best technology to our beekeepers to ensure the best environment provided to the bees so that we are able to deliver  high quality pure and natural honey while  providing them high returns & a sustainably enhanced livelihoods. 

The Making of 
Bee Ville 


Meet People Behind the Curtains
To observe why we are able to deliver the absolutely pure and raw honey at your doorsteps.  It’s nothing but the blend of love, devotion and craftsmanship.

Our Values

Made from a combination of honey & nectar collected from a variety of flowers from different kinds of forests & mountains, this 100% pure & healthy bottle of honey provides pure joy while offering multiple health benefits. It consists of nectar from a variety of flowers which gives it a usually dark color. As it is made from all-natural ingredients & contains no preservatives, it provides the user with therapeutic benefits. It helps lower risk of heart disease, boost immune system, provide protection against respiratory diseases, avoid acid reflux, keep hair & skin in good health & helps fight infection. Honey acts as a natural medicine for coughs, digestion, insomnia and respiratory diseases as well. It is a great alternative to replace normal sugar from your diet.


Our Philosophy is rather simple – take care of the bees to take care of the planet. By providing the right technology and training to our beekeepers to follow ethical practices, we not only ensure that our customers enjoy unadulterated, hygienic, antibiotic and pesticide-free honey, but also that the bees themselves live happy, content lives.

Honey Bees Used by us


The western honey bee or European honey bee (Apis mellifera) is the most common of the 7–12 species of honey bees worldwide. The genes name Apis is Latin for "bee", and mellifera is the Latin for "honey-bearing", referring to the species' production of honey. Like all honey bee species, the western honey bee is eusocial, creating colonies with a single fertile female (or "queen"), many normally non-reproductive females or "workers", and a small proportion of fertile males or "drones". Individual colonies can house tens of thousands of bees. Colony activities are organized by complex communication between individuals, through both pheromones and the dance language.

The western honey bee was one of the first domesticated insects, and it is the primary species maintained by beekeepers to this day for both its honey production and pollination activities. With human assistance, the western honey bee now occupies every continent except Antarctica. Western honey bees are threatened by pests and diseases, especially the Varroa Mite and colony collapse disorder. As of 2019, the western honey bee is listed as Data Deficient on the IUCN red list, as numerous studies indicate that the species has undergone significant declines in Europe; however, it is not clear if they refer to population reduction of wild or managed colonies. Further research is required to enable differentiation between wild and non-wild colonies in order to determine the conservation status of the species in the wild. Western honey bees are an important model organism in scientific studies, particularly in the fields of social evolution, learning, and memory; they are also used in studies of pesticide toxicity, to assess non-target impacts of commercial pesticides.

Honey bees (Apis mellifera L.) are fundamental for agriculture, playing a crucial role in the plant life cycle as one of the most important pollinators. More than 75% of the 115 leading crop species worldwide are dependent on or at least benefit from animal pollination [1,2]. Bees (Apoidea) are responsible for the pollination of approximately 70% of all crop species worldwide [3]. Mainly for this reason, there are serious economic implications when honey bees struggle with pathogens (Paenibacillus larvae, Ascosphaera apis, viruses, etc.), parasites and pests (Varroa destructor, Nosema sp., Aethina tumida, etc.), and other factors affecting the survival of the colony.

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