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Tulsi Honey

Tulsi Honey

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Sourced from foothills of the Himalayan mountains comes a honey that is as pure as the mountains itself. This 100% natural, amber honey is filled with nectar collected from flowers of the Holy Basil (Tulsi) herb, is delicately mild and sweet with warm herbal undertones. Known to increase immunity, this delectable honey complements your mid-day green tea, filling you with energy and increasing your stamina to complete your busy day.


The Benefits of Bee Ville Tulsi Honey are as follows: 

  • Anti-inflammatory properties:
    Tulsi honey is full of anti-inflammatory properties as it cures a variety of diseases and disorders. It helps to lower inflammation and the risk of heart. Tulsi honey gives a soothing effect when you have a cold, cough and fever. It also lowers inflammatory bowel conditions.

  • Remedy for Cough:
    Tulsi honey is used to treat cough and cold. If you have it along with pepper powder and ginger for three to four times a day it can cure a cold. Even a person suffering from expectorant can consume tulsi honey to get relief. For dry cough have tulsi honey as it helps in managing and controlling it.

  • Helpful in treating fever:
    Tulsi honey with ginger and pepper reduces fever and its symptoms considerably. It assists in curing heavy temperature. In olden times paste of tulsi was applied on the feet because it was beneficial in treating fever. Thus, consuming tulsi honey can be extremely beneficial during fever. 

  • Skin Care
    Tulsi honey cleanses your skin. It is an excellent skin cleanser and its good for those who have excessively oily skin. It removes dirt and impurities that block the skin pores. 
    Tulsi honey heals many diseases and skin disorders. It keeps your skin healthy and refreshed. Tulsi honey makes your skin supple and provides a good glow.

  • Disease-Fighting Antioxidants:
    Tulsi honey has the ability to fight free radical damage while protecting DNA structure and cells. It is an antioxidant that strengthens your immune system and protects you from various diseases. It gives the power to fight against major diseases. 

    Thus, tulsi honey is extremely medicinal and contains anti-inflammatory properties. It treats cough, cold, and respiratory infections. It is also an energy booster and a natural remedy for many ailments. Tulsi honey can also ease your stress levels and relax you. It helps in managing anxiety as well.

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